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Chemical and Biological Process Development

Gary Neuenschwander

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
PO Box 999
Richland, WA 99352


Since joining the laboratory in 1984, Gary Neuenschwander has contributed to studies on the gasification, liquefaction, and hydrotreating of biomass feedstocks and the destruction of agricultural and organic chemical wastes. He has also helped develop new technologies such as the Pyroflux, PCB Demo pilot plant, RubberCycle, RTDS, NITREM, MICRO-CATS, and the production of a number of chemicals under the Bioproducts Initative. Most of his work has involved the design, fabrication, and operation of high-temperature, high-pressure continuous feed and batch systems and pilot plants, data acquisition, as well as analytical work such as gas chromatography, solvent extractions, micro-distillations, bomb calorimetry, and elemental analyses. He has also worked on several microbial mechanisms where the process needed to be optimized and scaled up. Mr. Neuenschwander has written many Safe Operating Procedures, Acceptance Test Procedures, Project Test Plans, and was a member of two SBMS subject areas (Pressure Systems and Lock and Tag) development teams. He was also a member of the Lock and Tag committee and has worked extensively with building managers, Facilities Management, ES&H, Operations staff, and many others in support of his responsibilities. Mr. Neuenschwander has received four R&D 100 awards and an FLC award, and has been a co-author on numerous publications.

PNNL Patents

Education and Credentials

  • B.S., Iowa State University, 1976

PNNL Publications


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Chemical and Biological Process Development

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