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Chemical and Biological Process Development


Separation of Corn Fiber and Conversion to Fuels & Chemicals

The objective of this project is to develop an economic process for the separation of corn fiber into its core building blocks. The general component groups in the corn fiber stream derived from corn processing facilities include starch, cellulose, hemicellulose, polyphenolics, oil and ash. This project is developing a technology platform to separate these component groups and convert them into the core building blocks: glucose, arabinose, xylose, ferulic acid and the specific components of the oil fraction, triglycerides and sterols. The most abundant core building blocks, glucose, xylose and arabinose, are being evaluated as a feedstock for either fermentation to ethanol or direct aqueous phase catalytic conversion to propylene glycol, ethylene glycol and glycerol. The ferulic acid will be evaluated as a feedstock for the production of vanillin. The specific components from the oil fraction will be sold into existing markets and contributes significantly to the overall economic viability of the project. This is a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) project with the National Corn Growers Association and Archer Daniels Midland.

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Chemical and Biological Process Development

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