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Bio-based News highlights a UK government grant for LanzaTech to develop the first wast carbon to jet fuel project.  PNNL is named as a partner. 7.12.18 

Bioenergy International reports on how LanzaTech, Virgin Atlantic are inching closer to building the world's first large-scale alcohol-to-fuel plant, and mentions PNNL as a partner. 7.9.18 

Biomass Magazine reports on a study by PNNL and National Renewable Energy Laboratory that identifies biocrude production potential in the conterminous United States. 7.9.18 

Biofuels Digest reports on LanzaTech's accomplishments in alcohol-to-jet fuels and large-scale facility, mentioning PNNL as a partner.  7.8.18

Inquisitr discusses PNNL research, the future of biofuel all comes down to poop. 7.6.18 

GreenAir Online mentions PNNL as a partner in LanzaTech's work involving a second advanced jet fuel grant from the UK government for a first commercial-scale alcohol-to-jet facility.  7.4.18 

Triple Pundit discusses PNNL biofuel research in an article on how the US EPA is dropping the biofuel ball and DOE is picking it up.  6.25.18 

In their Daily on Energy column, the Washington Examiner mentions the effort between PNNL, LanzaTech to develop alcohol fuels now certified for use in jet aircaft. 6.14.18 

ChemEurope describes the effort between PNNL and LanzaTech to develop a technology that clears the way for ethanol-derived jet fuel. 6.13.18

Green Car Congress writes about how PNNL technology, LanzaTech are delivering on alcohol-to-jet synthetic paraffinic kerosene. 6.12.18 

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