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Green Car Congress reports on opportunities for the PNNL-led project to boost productivity, lower cost of algae biofuels and bioproducts. 2.20.19 

EIN Newsdesk reports on the efforts of PNNL and national lab collaborators to harness top algae strains for bioenergy. 2.19.19

Biomass Magazine reports on advancements made by a research team from National Renewable Energy Lab, PNNL, and Argonne National Lab in catalytic fast pyrolisis for biofuels. 1.14.19 

Plastics Technology discusses the $2 million awards to UC San Diego to research algae-based renewable polymers. PNNL is a collaborator on the project. 1.2.19 


Biomass Magazine describes the award of $2 million by DOE to UC San Diego to advance algae-based renewable polymers. PNNL is a collaborator. 12.31.18 

Clean Technica describes a $2 million investment by DOE to fund algae plastic research by UC San Diego. PNNL is a collaborator on the project. 12.27.18 

EurekaAlert! reports on $2 million awarded to UC San Diego for a project to advance algae-based renewable polymers. PNNL is a collaborator in the research. 12.17.18 reports on $2 million awarded to UC San Diego to advance algae-based renewable polymers. PNNL is a collaborator on the project. 12.17.18 

Minnesota Daily reports that the University of Minnesota, in conjunction with Clark University, the Joint Genome Institute, and PNNL, is analyzing brown rot and its potential to create sustainable energy. 12.12.18 

DOE writes a blog about the historical time for renewable jet fuel -- the PNNL, LanzaTech and Virgin Atlantic collaboration that resulted in the first commercial flight using sustainable aviation fuel. 11.26.18 

TTG Media explains Virgin Atlantic's new eco-fuel, which was developed by LanzaTech and PNNL. 10.12.18 

Bio-based News reports on the PNNL-LanzaTech partnership to make new recycled waste gas used by Virgin Atlantic on a recent transatlantic flight. 10.11.18 

The Market Screener highlights the Virgin Atlantic flight powered by waste gas developed by LanzaTech and PNNL. 10.9.18 

GE Reports announces that the new low-carbon flight taken by Virgin Atlantic using recycled waste gas developed by LanzaTech and PNNL was one of the top 5 coolest things on Earth for the previous week. 10.7.18 

Science & Technology Research News reports that PNNL and LanzaTech to make new jet fuel. 10.5.18 

Waste360 describes how a Virgin Atlantic plane flew on recycled waste gas developed by LanzaTech and PNNL. 10.5.18 

Popular Mechanics describes the completion of the Virgin Atlantic transatlantic flight with fuel made partly from industrial waste, a technology developed by LanzaTech and PNNL. 10.5.18 

Prevue Meetings and Incentives describes the Virgin Atlantic flight using the recycled waste gas developed by LanzaTech and PNNL. 10.5.18 

New Atlas describes how recycled carbon jet fuel gets its first commercial use, spurred by a partnership between LanzaTech and PNNL. 10.4.18 

EcoWatch reports that Virgin Atlantic completed its first commercial flight on recycled waste gas developed by LanzaTech and PNNL. 10.4.18 

Preston Business Review reports on Virgin Atlantic's flight on fuel made from industrial waste gas, a product as a result of a PNNL-LanzaTech collaboration. 10.3.18 

Chemical Industry summarizes the partnership of PNNL and LanzaTech to make new jet fuel, leading the Virgin Atlantic flight from Orlando to London using the new fuel. 10.3.18 

World Industrial Reporter reports on Virgin Atlantic's mission to fly on PNNL and LanzaTech's recycled waste gas fuel. 10.3.18 

Bioenergy International features the PNNL-LanzaTech partnership that led them to new jet fuel used in historic Virgin Atlantic flight. 10.3.18 

Tech Site reports on the PNNL-LanzaTech collaboration to develop new jet fuel that will be used by Virgin Atlantic during a transatlantic flight. 10.2.18 

The Tri-City Herald highlights PNNL's effort in helping Virgin Atlantic fly with jet fuel made from pollution. 10.2.18 

Green Air Online reports on Virgin Atlantic's plans for its first commercial flight in October using low-carbon fuel developed by LanzaTech and PNNL. 9.14.18 

Bio-based News highlights a UK government grant for LanzaTech to develop the first wast carbon to jet fuel project.  PNNL is named as a partner. 7.12.18 

Bioenergy International reports on how LanzaTech, Virgin Atlantic are inching closer to building the world's first large-scale alcohol-to-fuel plant, and mentions PNNL as a partner. 7.9.18 

Biomass Magazine reports on a study by PNNL and National Renewable Energy Laboratory that identifies biocrude production potential in the conterminous United States. 7.9.18 

Biofuels Digest reports on LanzaTech's accomplishments in alcohol-to-jet fuels and large-scale facility, mentioning PNNL as a partner.  7.8.18

Inquisitr discusses PNNL research, the future of biofuel all comes down to poop. 7.6.18 

GreenAir Online mentions PNNL as a partner in LanzaTech's work involving a second advanced jet fuel grant from the UK government for a first commercial-scale alcohol-to-jet facility.  7.4.18 

Triple Pundit discusses PNNL biofuel research in an article on how the US EPA is dropping the biofuel ball and DOE is picking it up.  6.25.18 

In their Daily on Energy column, the Washington Examiner mentions the effort between PNNL, LanzaTech to develop alcohol fuels now certified for use in jet aircaft. 6.14.18 

ChemEurope describes the effort between PNNL and LanzaTech to develop a technology that clears the way for ethanol-derived jet fuel. 6.13.18

Green Car Congress writes about how PNNL technology, LanzaTech are delivering on alcohol-to-jet synthetic paraffinic kerosene. 6.12.18 

Biofuels International discusses how ethanol derived jet fuel won approval, thanks to a PNNL-LanzaTech effort. 6.12.18 

Biofuels Digest reports that PNNL is working with LanzaTech on alcohol-to-jet aviation biofuel. 6.11.18 

Biofuels Digest summarizes Genifuel’s effort to demonstrate wastewater hydrothermal processing in June.  The process was developed by PNNL. 5.17.18

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