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Chemical & Biological Processing

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Boosting Biocrude: Gaining Twice the Fuel from Corn Waste
New hybrid design could produce 51 million gallons of gasoline equivalent fuel from 800,000 tons of corn stover per year
January 2019


Start Your Engines - With Next-Generation Fuels from Co-Optima
New fuel mixtures could save billions of dollars in fuel costs annually
July 2018
How Wastewater Treatment Plants Could Be Pumping Out Fuel Instead of Sludge
Research captured on cover of Water Environment Research
June 2018
From Breakfast to Biocrude: Study Identifies Production Potential across Nation
Researchers look at wastewater sludge; animal manure; food waste; and fats, oil and grease as biofuel sources
May 2018
Elliott Receives Linneborn Prize for Biomass Research
Only the second recipient from the United States to be honored in the prize's 24-year history
May 2018
Yong Wang Recognized by the American Chemical Society
Award recognizes innovative contributions to applied chemistry or chemical engineering
April 2018
Ethanol to Butadiene in a Single Step
Researchers at PNNL develop a new catalyst capable of converting ethanol to butadiene, opening the door to a renewable source of polymers and plastics
January 2018


Charting the Path for Catalyst Imaging
Determining the parameters for transmission electron microscopy
July 2017


No Coking Zone
New research identifies a novel approach to understanding chemical "poisoning" and coking in zeolite catalysts
November 2016

Chemical & Biological Processing

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