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Chemical and Biological Process Development


Rick Orth
Rick Orth, Manager the Chemical and Biological Process Development Group. Our scientists and engineers provide solutions and products to meet our clients' needs through the development of process technologies tailored to solving energy, security, and environmental problems.

We provide a full cycle of technology development—from basic research to applied process development, as well as licensing technology to industrial partners.

Research Teams

Catalysis and Reaction Engineering–develops and applies innovative catalysis and reaction engineering solutions for efficient use of underutilized carbon resources for the production of fuels and chemicals.

Fungal Biotechnology–identifies and develops new technologies based on a fundamental understanding of the filamentous fungi and other eukaryotic microbes.

Process Engineering and Development–provides a conduit for taking science to application. Promising scientific discoveries are evaluated across multiple scales to understand chemistry, kinetics, and to develop energy and material balances. This information is used to design process flow sheets, compute process economics, and evaluate lifecycle impacts.

Chemical and Biological Process Development

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